Ile the France is the ALL- IN – ONE breed, and therefore the number one for crossbreeding.
As a terminal sire, the Ile de France ram conveys its exceptional conformation, muscle development and fast growth rate to its progeny with dominating effect. This quality is mainly responsible for the popularity of the Ile de France ram amongst producers of slaughter lambs and the breed indeed makes a big contribution, to supply the consumer with good quality lamb. Ile de France cross-bred females are high in demand due to their fertility, good milk production and outstanding mothering ability.
The Ile de France produces a strong white wool of acceptable quality without coloured fibres. Fibre diameter: 23 – 27 μm. Twelve months’ fleeces of ewes weigh 3 – 4,5kg and the rams 5 – 6kg with a staple length of between 80 and 90 mm. First crosses with Merino ewes provide an excellent medium wool…