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About Ile de France Sheep Breeder's Society

Mission of the Ile de France Society

The Mission of this Ile de France Society is to promote Ile de France Super Slaughter lamb production

Ile de France Breed Objectives

This Ile de France Society has determined certain goals, i.e., to strive towards efficient meat production within a given environment measured as maximum return of quality meat (in other words, total mass of lamb produced per lactation) per unit of metabolic mass of the breeding ewe together with wool of an acceptable quality which further contributes to the total nett income.These goals can be obtained by continues selection for:

  • effective ewe production, i.e., fertility (age at sexual maturity, conception ability and lambing intervals; fecundity (number of lambs born per lambing) and mothering ability (number of lambs weaned and milk production)
  • improved lamb growth for increased carcass mass and quality.
  • The Ile de France breed is ideally suited to fulfill these economic objectives
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