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Ile de France Sheep Breeder's Society Professional Services


You are hereby kindly informed about the services and contact persons of Studbook and Secretariat to resolve all irregularities.


1. S.A. STUDBOOK: Professional services

It is the task of this section to carrying out the services in respect of Stud Book 's objectives. The functions of this division comprises technical and expert advice to breed societies and their members, as well as the INTERGIS. In addition, this division checks the imports and exports of genetic material, manage the processes associated with parenting verification, issuing horses passports, and assist societies with the drafting of show and auction catalogs. The programming service of SA Studbook fall under the Division of Professional Services. The division has a staff of four.

2. S.A. STUDBOOK: Show- and auction catalogues

There are several different formats for sales catalogues that can be compiled from the data of the INTERGIS. In some cases, this department assist societies to compile such catalogues. Show catalogues are compiled on request, and in cooperation with the relevant Breeders and show societies.

For inquiries in this regard contact Elsa van den Berg at (051) 410 0900 or by e -mail at elsa@studbook.co.za.

3. S.A. STUDBOOK: Data extraction and processing

This department assist breeding societies in the analysis of their information needs and the design and implementation of programs to address their data needs. The division undertakes regular ad hoc data analysis for breeding societies in cases where unique needs arise.

For inquiries in this regard contact Herman Labuscahgne at (051) 410 0900 or by e -mail at herman@studbook.co.za

4. S.A. STUDBOOK: Programming service

The division is responsible for the generation of reports and other requests that will help societies, simplify and enhance their work and service.

For inquiries in this regard contact Herman Labuschagne at (051) 410 0900 or by e-mail at herman@studbook.co.za

5. S.A. STUDBOOK: Publications

The division is responsible for various publications of the Stud Book Association, namely the SA Breeder magazine, SA Livestock Breeding and the Manual for Stud Breeders.

For inquiries in this regard contact Elsa van den Berg at (051) 410 0900 or by e-mail at elsa@studbook.co.za


Estelle Hattingh - for any inquiries about Studbook accounts (051-4100 900) or by e-mail at estelle@studbook.co.za

7. S.A. STUDBOOK: Registrations

This section is responsible for all Ile de France queries eg. transfers, cancellations, registrations, inquiries about animal / s etc.

Andrea Pieterse - handle all inquiries on registrations / transfers / cancellations etc. (051-4100914) or e-mail andrea@studbook.co.za
Herman Labuschagne - Head of Registration Department (051-4100 900) or e-mail herman@studbook.co.za


The Secretariat was responsible for the administration work of the members of a society, which entailed correspondence, membership fees and member administration. Enquiries in respect of animal registrations and certificates Should be directed at the SA Stud Book.

Members administration is done by the office: -

  • Sort and distribution of mail
  • Attend meetings and take Minutes. Drafting and typing Agendas and Minutes.
  • Direct contact with breeders / members
  • Typing, filing and distribution of documents and correspondence
  • Setting newsletters
  • Discuss promotional articles and recording thereof
  • Rule of catering to the Annual General Meeting and Board Meetings
  • Handling all written correspondence and telephone inquiries
  • General Office Administration
  • Planning National Championships and entry
  • Provide the necessary documents to Council members and breeders / members about necessary information
  • Planning of Farmer’s Days, information days, inspectors and judge’s courses
  • Planning of functions
  • Constitutional amendments
  • Planning of advertising materials such as signage, clothing and journals
  • Assist with National Sales

Chris Els - Secretariat Manager (051-4100 963) or e-mail at chris@studbook.co.za

June Wiid - Senior Secretary for the Ile de France Society / Charolais Cattle / Dairy Cattle Swiss / Romagnola Cattle (051-4100 953) or e-mail june@studbook.co.za or idf@studbook.co.za.


Yvonne Binding - treat all creditors of Societies (051-4100 960) or
email yvonneb@studbook.co.za
Eleanor de Jager - handle all debtors of Societies (051-4100 962) or e-mail eleanor@studbook.co.za


SA STUDBOOK: Technical Advisors:


Rampie de Wet     083 6316 040 rampie@studbook.co.za  Bloemfontein 
Siebert Vermeulen 082 5484 608 siebert@studbook.co.za   Bloemfontein 
Gerdus de Klerk    072 691 3600 gerdus@studbook.co.za Bloemfontein
Dolf Cloete 082 6603 266 dolf@studbook.co.za    Vryburg  
Andries Riekert  082 4650 671 andries@studbook.co.za    Pretoria   
Thalia Brameld   071 4931 111 thalia@studbook.co.za  Pretoria
Chanelle Steenekamp 072 8364 108 chanelle@studbook.co.za Western-Cape 
Isolde Viljoen 079 4072 708 isolde@studbook.co.za   Port Elizabeth     
Sarah Roberts  076 7247 907 sarahdane@studbook.co.za Pietermaritzburg 

If you still have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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