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Ile de France Sheep Breeder's Society Fee Structure

2018 Financial Year Ends 31 December

Birth Notification Book (Studbook supplies the book)  
Entry Fee R 200
Membership Fee R 1 800
Botswana Membership Fee R 500
Marketing Fee R 350
Backlog Fee Membership
Max 5 years (per animal)
R 100
Manual for Stud Breeders R 100
Birth Notification - Male & Female Free
Registration Certificate - Male & Female Free
Reinstatement R 35
Inspection Fee
agreement between the breeder and the inspector for travel and accommodation - guideline R3-00 / km back and forth
R3 p/km
Constitution Free
Transfers Free
Pedigrees R 30
Late Birth Notifications
(after 90 days)
R 10
Honorarium: Chairman
(per month)
R 500


Council Members

Travelling of Council Meetings: Council Members R 3.50 p/km
Day Fee: Attendance of Council Meetings R 250
Accommodation of Council Meetings R 500



Day Fee Members & Workers R 150
Travelling: Council Members R 3-50 p/km


Per Capita Fee - Sliding Scale

Day old and older as on 1 Jan

Animals total less than 100 R 18.00
Animals total between 100 - 200 R 16.00
Animals total above 200  R 14.50
Animals total more than 1000 R 13.00


Auction Catalogues

Sales Catalogue Free (If the sale is held under the auspices of the Society)

1% commission is payable to the Society if it is a Total Dispersal Sale or National Sale that is held under the auspices of the Society

½% commission is payable to the Society if it is a Production-, Group- or Club sale that is held under the auspices of the Society


Bank Details

Standard Bank
Account Number:  041184017
Branch Code:  055534

First National Bank
Account Number:  62165001753
Branch Code:  230137
Branch: College Court

Standard Bank
Account Number:  041191358
Branch Code:  055534




# Name Description
1. Import & Export Tariffs 2016 - 2017 Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
2. Request Form for Cattle Testing Unistel (pdf)
3. Unistel Cattle Testing Cattle Testing Information
4. Unistel Medical Laboratories More information (pdf)
5. SA Stud Book Tariffs Registration Services 2018-2019
6. Clinomics Pricelist 2019 *.pdf format (228kb)
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