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Ile de France Skaaptelersgenootskap Webtuiste Skakels

Kontak asseblief June Wiid (june@studbook.co.za) om jou skakel op hierdie bladsy te plaas op 'n uitruil basis.

Denvor Ile de France Stud
Being one of the oldest studs in SA (started in 1981) the years of selection on genetic value together with performance testing has resulted in animals with functional efficiency and the desired breed characteristics
RCH Ile de France Stud
In 2006 word die eerste suiwer Ile de France ooie aangekoop en word RCH Ile de France Stoet geregistreer. RCH Ile de France Stoet is huidiglik een van die grootste Ile de France stoeterye in Suid-Afrika.
Die Logix stelsel is 'n versameling van databasisse en programme wat die diere-aantekeningsbehoeftes van n wye spektrum van rolspelers in die veebedryf aanspreek.
Sa - Veetelers Gids
Sa - Veetelers Gids offer a service where we help farmers with marketing of their farms, farmer products and their auctions they will hold. SA Veetlers Gids offer a brochure distributed free to Agricultural branches, auctioneers and farmers country wide
SA Studbook
SA Studbook strives to improve the production effectiveness of farm animals in South Africa
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